Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Facts or Myths: Cheap Spray barking collars

Many people look for cheap products to solve their dogs' problems. Products that work miracles such as the Outdoor Bark Deterrent is supposed to quieten your dogs' barking problems. Do they really work?

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  1. The thing with using cheap barking collars is that you really got a noisy barker to be considering a bark collar in the first place. Something cheap is good when it works. If it doesn't, it won't hurt as much as an expensive dog barking collar. Well, before you buy any barking collar, you should check if you could upgrade it to another one. Retailers who cares to solve your dogs' barking problem will do the upgrade for you to another product. Solving your problem keeps them in business.

    Dogs like humans will learn and get use to barking collars. Some stubborn dogs will require you to get a slightly more expensive product, usually the static correction bark collars. As they say, you get what you've paid for.