Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Facts or Myths: Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Deterrent for neighbours' barking dog

Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Deterrent is one of the greatest invention. You will know why if one dog sets off a series of other barking dogs and the chain barking wakes the entire neighbourhood up. Do they really work?

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  1. The Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Deterrent is the only option if you want to try and do something about your neighbours' noisy barkers. Don't try screaming at them through your good neighbour fence because that makes you a bad neighbour. :-) You can quietly disguise your attempt to quieten your dog with these bird house looking deterrent. They work on young and sound sensitive dogs more than the stubborn big dogs, who can get use to the sound. Ultrasonic sounds are like the noise made by mosquitoes. They are annoying at first but once you hear too many of them, you get used to them. Just like dogs do.