Sunday, February 28, 2010

Facts or Myths: Fresh water all day for your precious dog with WaterDog by Contech

One of the coolest invention which solve pet owners' headache of providing fresh water to their pets, especially during summer.  The Contech waterdog which claims to be an automatic outdoor drinking fountain, lets your dog help itself to fresh water and you don't have to worrk about empty water bowls or stagnant water if you leave your dog outdoor while you are at work. Is it really good?

Apparently, the sonar sensing technology will trigger the WaterDog to turn the water on when you pet comes within one meter of it and is smart enough to turn it off when you pet leaves. The height is adjustable so it will suit any size dog. Overall, it worked pretty well. Except for occassional leaking if the water pressure of your water mains is set to be too high. The price is a little bit high at about AUD$100 but if you want a hassle free, no wastage, no washing automatic water bowl, this is a cool gizmo for your dog and I am sure he will like it.

1 litre of water a day, keeps the vet away just like an apple does to human.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Facts or Myths: The difference between a Spray bark collar and a Static bark collar

Why are there so many different types of barking collars to deter dogs' barking?
If you have receive a letter from your local city council about your barking dog, you will know why such a barking collar will help solve your problem and prevent your beloved family member from being taken away or souring your relationship with your neighbours. There are 3 main types of Bark deterrent collars, ultrasonic, spray and static and they all worked differently depending on the types of dogs.

Facts or Myths: Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Deterrent for neighbours' barking dog

Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Deterrent is one of the greatest invention. You will know why if one dog sets off a series of other barking dogs and the chain barking wakes the entire neighbourhood up. Do they really work?

Facts or Myths: RSPCA says shock collars cause for concern

Posted in Geelong Advertisers on February 13th, 2010 GEELONG RSPCA inspectors are concerned uneducated dog owners are ignoring regulations and inflicting too much pain on their pups by using electronic anti-bark collars.This post attracted several comments about E-collars. ECollars are described as "painful" and causing dog pain.Several comments were posted on the site. What do you think?

Facts or Myths: Cheap Spray barking collars

Many people look for cheap products to solve their dogs' problems. Products that work miracles such as the Outdoor Bark Deterrent is supposed to quieten your dogs' barking problems. Do they really work?